In dance one is not only influenced through one’s body but also through one’s emotional and mental experience.

Fundamental movement elements of the dance are used freely without technical regulations and fixed forms of dance, in order to arrive at an integration of body and soul; feeling and physicalness

Thus, the dance can create us the entrance too:


- body perception and the development of a positive, realistic body picture. This forms the basis for adequate self-confidence and an environmental awareness.


- the extension of the movement repertoire - the broader the movement repertoire is, the more resources one has to accomplish everyday crisis and life situations.


- authentic and certain styles, helps one’s mental equilibrium and also improves human relations,


- that treatment of conflicts. By a healthy co-ordination of the body one creates for oneself clarity in the thought processes, and thus also authority in independent solutions of conflicts,


- new solution possibilities in relationships,


- responsible and creative analysis of oneself and the environment,


- economic and individual handling of one’s own body experience.

Within a protected and structured framework exists the possibility of:


the treatment of emotional experiences,


the support of deficits. - fundamental orients itself the dance therapy methodically at the strengths of humans. The healthy potential serves as source around defizitaere ranges to retrieve to compensate and/or integrate appropriately in the social surrounding field.

  the capability to adaptive movement - the implementation of individual needs with social authority.


In principle the dance is suitable as therapy form for humans of all age groups, which look for an entrance to itself on physical level.

Furthermore the dance is suitable as therapy form with all for:

  Psychosomatic complaints,
  Disturbances of the body picture and disturbances of the movement apparatus,
  neuro tables and psychological disturbances (fears, depressions among other things)

Self experience

  Company in crises and life conversions